The greatest journey starts within

“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN

Who are we?

We are a learning and wellbeing not for profit, based in Springhead in Oldham, that offers therapeutic support to individuals, families and organisations alike. Our aim is to help people navigate trauma, release stress and move towards living fulfilled lives. 

We can only truly do this through spending time getting to know ourselves, whether we’re 3 or 83 it’s never too late for conscious living.  After all, as Jung once said – ‘Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we will call it fate’ – so whether you are a professional looking for support for your staff, children or families, whether you are a parent needing support for your child, or whether you are simply looking for help yourself…know that you are welcome here.