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Thanks for taking an interest in our whole family support packages. We are so pleased you’ve found us!

So, you are probably exploring this topic for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are a parent worried about your family – where communication between all parties have become strained. Maybe you are struggling to understand your child’s behaviour and need support, or perhaps you have been through a lot of difficulties as a family unit and just need to work your way through it. You may even be a professional, seeking a whole family approach to therapy. Whoever you are, and for whatever reason you’ve sought support, we are hopeful that we can help.

Here at IntraQuest we pride ourselves on working systemically. This means that we never want to work with a child in isolation – the parents/carers and professionals around the child are just as important. We need to work together in order to help everyone feel safe, understood and supported.

Therapeutic support for a family will always involve an assessment first in order to work out what package of care may help. This support may be a combination of individual sessions, moving through to whole family dependant upon what is needed. Here’s an example of what a family intervention could look like:

1. Assessment
2. Filial Therapy sessions
3. Therapeutic Parenting sessions
4. Counselling for parents
5. Regular reviews with all parties involved (school/social care/parents/carers)

Whatever the package of care, our therapists will endeavour to create something that will support each member and that will gradually unfold over a suitable period of time. We are able to travel to deliver support where necessary, however, we find our centre, set in a nature conservation area, brings much emotional release, comfort and peace, and forms part of each family’s healing journey.

So if you are interested in exploring more family based options for therapeutic support, please click on the boxes below.

We wish you well on your therapeutic journey!