Tackling Employee Engagement

“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN


Tackling Employee Engagement for Leaders

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Course Aim

We meet challenge, resistance and disengagement in our employees in much the same way as we do our service users.  Leaders, like practitioners, are facing the same challenges in terms of behaviour change, particularly when it comes to responding to strategic changes such as public service reform. First line leaders and middle management have the difficult task of translating strategy and reform into practical changes to operations – changes that will deliver the (often imposed) strategy. This is ultimately where resistance is met – usually because that translation has not been delivered in an engaging way, and those impacted the most don’t fully understand or agree with the changes. 

The core principles of engagement are centred on two-way commitment, mutual respect, reciprocal effort, shared ownership and positive outcomes for all parties. When change is imposed, most of these components are lost, which can lead to disengagement. Ensuring that these core principles are retained during times of change is the key to employee engagement – and success. IntraQuest’s acclaimed Tackling Engagement programme is completely scalable for leaders dealing with a disengaged workforce. The theory, practise and skills are all transferable with the right context.  

Learning Outcomes


The aim of this two day course is to help leaders to understand why their people are disengaged. Using a case study, they will explore: 

The potential barriers to engaging their people; 

Understand how personal values play into connecting successfully; 

How to empathise with their people in order to create connection; 

How to communicate and build a strong rapport with their people; 

How to understand what motivates their people; 

How to challenge in an empathic way. 

Ultimately, this course is about giving leaders the skills to breed a culture of commitment over compliance. 


The aim of this one day enhancement is for leaders to understand the behaviour they see in line with personality theory. Often clashes can occur within teams and with leaders due to a difference in approach. This module focusses on strengths and diversity, and how with the right adaptation, diversity of approach can be incredibly effective. Leaders will also learn how to use this enlightened view of ‘type’ in order to influence more effectively. This module can also be run with leaders and their teams in order to improve team work, communication and relationships. 


A twist on our Dynamic Assessment module, this one day enhancement focusses on how leaders can work with individuals in order to highlight specific areas of discomfort and challenge and begin to put plans in place for overcoming them. It is, essentially, enhanced goal setting for behaviour change, but on a personal level. 

This module looks at: 

Learning styles; 

Time management; 

Identifying challenges; 


Action planning. 

Ultimately it’s about helping individuals take personal responsibility for their own development journey, with support from their leader. Leaders will apply theory and technique to the same case study used in the Core programme, to consider how they will lead in a more dynamic and engaging way. 

The complete programme will prepare leaders to inspire their people – to involve and engage them in what is happening in the organisation. It will help shift leadership culture from ‘telling’ to ‘selling’, and ultimately drive more successful change from an engaged workforce. 


For minimum 20 delegates, maximum 30* 

Tackling Employee Engagement Core Programme (2 days): £4500 + VAT 

Personality & Employee Engagement (1 day): £3600 + VAT 

Dynamic Development (1 day): £2250 + VAT 

* All training can be delivered ‘in-house’ or at our dedicated training centre in Oldham. Choosing our training centre includes refreshments throughout the day and plenty of free parking. All delivery includes learning resources and materials. Expenses are negotiable.