Reflective Practice and Creative Supervision

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Reflective Practice and Creative Supervision

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Course Aim

Reflective Practice is an essential skill for anyone who’s results are dependent on communicating and influencing others. It’s what helps us to differentiate between our own ‘stuff’ and the ‘stuff’ other people carry into interactions with us. Reflective Practice helps us to negotiate our way around the most complex of relationships and to remain objective in the most difficult of situations. Reflective Practice is about self awareness, awareness of others, accepting and valuing diversity, understanding our vulnerabilities, caring for self, and increasing our resilience. With such a big job to do it warrants some time spent on developing this skill, don’t you think?

This two-day programme takes participants on a journey of self-awareness by exploring elements of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI], as well as change theories and models of Reflective Practice. There is a strong emphasis on individual strengths, as well as working with approaches that differ from our own. Time is also dedicated to exploring ‘self-care’ as an essential element of professional practice. The journey continues with an exploration of creative supervision practices, which includes practical tools for problem solving and prioritising as well as case analysis using creative methods. Finally, time is spent on developing key coaching skills and supervision practice, which will enable participants to facilitate effective and impactful group supervisions confidently in their own setting. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave this training having achieved the following: 

Demonstrate understanding of ‘self’ as an individual and as a team member. 

Demonstrate knowledge of personal strengths and the reasoning behind preferences in terms of client ‘types’. 

Demonstrate clear understanding of self-care according to individual personality type, developing a plan of self-care specific to individual personality type. 

Practice working with colleagues according to their individual strengths and qualities, demonstrating a clear understanding of how to maximise team potential. 

Demonstrate ability to work reflectively as individuals, within supervision and in group settings. 

Demonstrate ability to utilise specific reflective practice and change models, in order to increase professional development, self-understanding and understanding of others. 

Business Benefits of the Programme

This approach, when implemented consistently, has been proven to contribute towards: 

Improvements in staff well-being and reductions in sickness related absences; 

Significant reductions in demand for public services; 

Significant improvements to outcomes across ALL frontline public services; 

Reductions in criminal behaviour and activity; 

Reduction and eradication of problematic behaviours in general. Development, self-understanding and understanding of others. 


For up to 20 participants. 

 £3,900 plus VAT for the two-day programme (£97.50 per head per day) including all learning resources.