Play-Based Therapeutic Group Work

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Play-Based Therapeutic Group Work


Course Aim

Therapeutic Play is one of the fastest growing ways to work impactfully with children. Play can give meaningful insights into the emotional world of a child that are critical where there is little or no emotional vocabulary, awareness or regulation. The aim of this 2-day training and assessment programme, run by two fully-accredited therapists, will teach you how to run small therapeutic groups with children.

The course is aimed at professionals that primarily work with children aged 3 – 12 years of age, and ideally at least two professionals from each setting will attend. Slight adaptations can be made to the group structure for young people.

The group work is particularly suitable for children that struggle with their confidence, that have witnessed domestic violence, that have been abused and are now in care, that have attention difficulties, where English as an additional language, or where they struggle to manage their behaviour/emotions. A minimum of two staff members are to run a group at anyone time, with a maximum of 6 children. 

It is advisable to seek supervision with a fully accredited Play Therapist to help with group analysis after staff have been trained.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the power of relationships (Attachment theory—adults & children, self-concept development, trauma, neuroscience)

Understanding the power of play (Developmental stages, symbolism, theme exploration, skills practice – based on non-directive play therapy)

How to set up & run therapeutic play groups practically

Benefits of attending the Programme

Attendees of this programme report seeing marked improvements in…

  • Emotional Literacy
  • Body Awareness
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Problem Solving Skills

Whilst this group was set up to help develop these skills, we have also seen improvements for some children within their relationships, in the ability to empathise, and in their ability to be congruent. As a by product of attending this programme, staff have noted an increase in confidence, self-esteem and self-attunement.  The messy play group is an appropriate intervention for the children needing to work on their fear responses (brain stem development) and their emotions and relationships (Limbic System within the brain).  The sessions can also provide you with key observations that may assist with EHCP and employing the right support/services for the child and family.

How does the assessment process work?

To ensure that all attendees are practicing ethically and safely, we provide a comprehensive assessment to support your development and ensure best possible results. The process is as follows:

  • You will run a 6 week programme with a small group of children and video each session
  • You will provide examples of key skill development, highlight your strengths and struggles, and provide a reflective assignment
  • The trainers will support you throughout this process
  • Once the trainers have reviewed all the submitted material, and are happy with your reflections, you will be awarded your certificate


Attendance at the 2-days training course at £300 per person, plus a £200 assessment fee – a total investment of £500 per person. This is based on a maximum of 16 people attending each course.

This includes a folder and two comprehensive learning workbooks worth over £50!