Introduction to CBT Skills -
Hot Cross Buns and Thinking in Triangles

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Introduction to CBT Skills -
Hot Cross Buns and Thinking in Triangles

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Course Aim

As a directive form of psycho-therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is really useful for assessing current situations, states and behaviours and proposing the right interventions to get results that work for the client. IntraQuest have developed this 2-day course to give some of the more accessible, tangible CBT techniques to practitioners that are working with individuals to change behaviour. 

In our vast experience, the therapeutic approach is very powerful, and can yield incredibly positive results for both client and practitioner. 

This course is designed for front line staff already practicing in a person-centred approach and working with complex client groups. Participants will gain insight into the development and maintenance of persistent, problematic behaviours and, from within a cognitive behavioural framework, learn how to assist clients with self-assessment, self-identified change goals and self-calibrated behaviour modification plans. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will leave this training having achieved the following: 

Demonstrate clear understanding of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as a model of intervention. 

Demonstrate ability to draw from own personal experience in order to enhance understanding of the model. 

Demonstrate ability to apply some of the components of CBT to the understanding of problematic and persistent behaviours. 

Demonstrate ability to formulate the development and maintenance of problematic behaviours and collaboratively put together change plans with clients (practiced with peers). 

Develop a ‘tool kit’ of ideas and strategies to use with clients of varying age ranges and abilities that promotes understanding and change. 

Benefits of the Programme

This approach, when implemented consistently, has been proven to contribute towards: 

Significant reductions in demand for public services; 

Significant improvements to outcomes across ALL frontline public services; 

Reductions in criminal behaviour and activity; 

Reduction and eradication of problematic behaviours in general. 


For up to 20 participants. 

 £3,900 plus VAT for the two-day programme (£97.50 per head per day) including all learning resources.