Tackling Engagement Online is HERE!

“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN


After months of hard work, we are so thrilled to be able to share with you at last that our Award-winning learning programme, ‘Tackling Engagement’ will be launching online in January 2019!
Now Public Service businesses can provide our proven method of successfully engaging with ANYONE to all their staff via their Learning Management Systems, accessible from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere!
The programme contains over 60 ‘bite-sized’ learning assets – and we mean ‘bite-sized’, with each asset taking no more than around 10 minutes to complete. There’s short video tutorials, exercises and games, as well as great downloadable tools that learners can use time and time again and links to latest research and articles. But that’s not the best bit!
Because we know that people struggle to find the time to learn and develop, we’ve teamed up with a fantastic Learning Tech partner called Filtered. Filtered have created a revolutionary new intelligent engine called Magpie. By answering a few simple questions from Magpie, learners will be given a tailored recommendation for their specific need. They can follow the recommendation there and then, or save it to their own dashboard for later, putting quick, impactful, tailored learning right at learners’ fingertips.
If you weren’t already aware, many Local Authorities have already commissioned ‘Tackling Engagement’ for their frontline Public Service workers and leadership teams, and it’s seen dramatic results such as:

  • Workers solving twice as many issues as nearest comparable boroughs;
  • Happier workers and service users;
  • Service users themselves reporting greater control and independence;
  • Reduction in crime rates;
  • Reduced demand on services by an average of 35% – and as much as 70% for some!
  • In fact, one Borough identified that they had seen fiscal benefits of over £8m in a year as a result of their people working differently with service users!

But up until now, it’s only been available via ‘Face to Face’ workshops. So why not add our impactful suite of online learning to your development offering and allow your people to access this proven, highly impactful and relevant learning content to achieve some (if not all) of the great results above.
PLUS we’re offering special ‘Early Bird’ rates for pre-orders of over 100 annual licences, with up to 70% off compared to Individual Membership and up to a whopping 92% off compared to workshop rates!
To find out more, or to get your tailored quote, please contact us with your enquiry and the number of licences/users you would like to have access and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
But hurry – Early Bird rates end 31st October 2018!
Team IntraQuest