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“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN

Passionate about supporting people to be the very best version of themselves!

As therapists and learning professionals, we’ve come to understand the massive value in personal development, and the huge gains people can make personally and professionally when they invest in themselves. We also know from first-hand experience what it’s like to feel the need to make big changes in your life, and how scary that can be.

We don’t believe in teaching because we know it! You only need to check out our story to know that we’ve been there, so you can count on informed support, believe us! Our commitment to you is that we will facilitate useful, practical, powerful learning experiences that you will walk away from feeling empowered to make a difference to your own life.

Our personal development and self-help solutions bring therapeutic approaches and techniques, spiritual guidance and reputable psychological theory directly to you, so that you can learn more about yourself and use what you learn to make step changes to your mindset, attitude, behaviour, relationships – you’re whole life if you wish to! 

Our approach is unique, in that we offer experience-lead courses that you can make bespoke to you, that are enhanced by our own experiences of personal development. Our only request is that you be ready to go on a journey and fully committed to whatever you may uncover. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Me & my personality

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