Online Course: Think – Feel – SUCCEED!

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Do you want to make big changes in your life, but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling stuck in your current patterns and unable to see a way out? Are you looking for a tried-and-tested method for taking a practical approach to your goals or problems? Then look no further!


This fully interactive, online, self-led course will teach you valuable, accessible skills inspired by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)that will dramatically enhance your ability to observe your current situation and behaviour non-judgmentally and begin to ‘reset’ it using techniques inspired directly from CBT.


Whether you want to break old patterns and shake some bad habits or are looking for a way to ‘level up’ your life, what you’ll learn in this course will be invaluable. Once you’ve completed the course, you can always dip back in for a refresher or to refine what you’re doing, and the same principles can be applied again and again to every aspect of your life. This is your ‘coach in your pocket’ – your key to freedom and success is right here!


The 5-part programme will take around 8 hours in total to complete, and will equip with all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to take a CBT approach to changing your life. The course contains short, animated video tutorials, interactive skills practice exercises and downloadable resources to use again and again, as well as a comprehensive learning journal that enables you to track your progress and quickly reference everything you need to do to make lasting changes.


Expertly designed and tutored by IntraQuest’s award-winning lead Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Karen Keates, and Level 7 Coach Neil Lewis, you’ll find this programme impactful and engaging, with long-lasting, tangible effects on your life.

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