Tackling Engagement

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If you’re someone that leads or supports others, you’ll no doubt be aware of how important the human connection is when it comes to creating lasting, trusted relationships.


In this practical and immersive workshop, you will learn IntraQuest’s award-winning, tried-and-tested method for quickly engaging with others in a way that enables you to facilitate and inspire real change.


Using our 3-step model of behaviour change, you’ll learn how to quickly connect at a sub-conscious level, how to strengthen your relationship by creating safe sameness, and how to facilitate self-challenge, solution finding and goal setting from a space of trust, reciprocity and mutual respect. The approach is both inspiring and empowering. Even the most ‘hard-to-reach’ people will benefit from being approached in this way, and mastery of these skills dramatically increases your chances of helping even the most ‘stuck’ individuals move forward.


This award-winning, 2-day workshop will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to become a truly engaging, impactful leader, support-worker or coach. The course contains industry-leading facilitation, interactive skills practice exercises and practical resources to use again and again, as well as a comprehensive online reference guide that summarises all key learning points.


Expertly designed and facilitated by IntraQuest’s award-winning lead Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Karen Keates, lead Clinical Supervisor Jennifer Westwood, and our team of ‘best-in-class’ therapists, coaches and facilitators, you’ll find this programme impactful and engaging, with long-lasting, tangible effects on your practice.

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