Reflective Practice & Creative Supervision

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Whether you’re striving to adjust and improve your own practice on a daily basis, or supporting your peers with difficult challenges and professional growth, what you’ll learn in this course will be invaluable.


In this fully interactive, self-led course via My IntraQuest Online, you will learn valuable, accessible skills designed to help you continuously improve your own practice and support others in improving theirs. A must for any leader or team where peer-learning and support plays a massive role, these skills dramatically enhance your ability to ‘tune in’ to what’s happening around you, your own unique approach to life and work, in order to become a truly reflective practitioner that learns ‘live’ in everything that they do.


An effective ability to support others is grounded in becoming a truly reflective and self-aware practitioner yourself. The power of Reflective Practice and Creative Supervision lies in the practice of evaluating everything we do from a safe non-judgemental space, giving us time to process our experiences and ‘wash off’ the emotional grime that gets left behind when our roles get really tough. It’s only in this space that we truly and mindfully learn.


The 7-module programme will take around 8 hours in total to complete, and will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to become more self-aware and personally reflective, and to support others through unpicking challenges and adapting their approach. The course contains short, animated video tutorials, interactive skills practice exercises and downloadable resources to use again and again, as well as a comprehensive reference guide that summarises all key learning points.


Expertly designed and tutored by IntraQuest’s award-winning lead Clinical Supervisor Jennifer Westwood, and lead Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Karen Keates, you’ll find this programme impactful and engaging, with long-lasting, tangible effects on your practice.

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