Me & My Personality

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If you’re someone who is interested to learn more about themselves, and particularly your preferred approach towards life and other people, this course is just the thing! It’s grounded in Myers Briggs Type Indicator theory and will give you the chance to look at 8 different personality ‘types’ and understand which ones – if any – you may have preference towards. This can really help you establish things like when you are at your best and when you may need to re-energise or take on some self-care. It can also help you identify commonalities between you and others, as well as differences, which can sometimes cause conflict when we don’t fully understand them. It’s a ‘must’ for anyone that loves to learn more about themselves and become more self-aware.


The course is broken down into 5 sections – an introduction to MBTI Theory, followed by 4 exploration modules, where you’ll be introduced to each personality ‘type’ and given plenty of opportunity to explore your own preferences through exercises and reflection. Each section contains quick video tutorials, games to play and downloadable tools to take away.


Expertly designed and tutored by IntraQuest’s award-winning Lead Counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Karen Keates, and MBTI Veteran Practitioner, Neil Lewis. Both Karen and Neil are fully qualified MBTI practitioners at Step 2, and have been using MBTI as a tool for personal development for well over a decade. They’re also both avid fans of the theory – they live and breathe it in everything they do and absolutely attest to its reliability and validity.

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