Managing Self-Harm In Children & Young People

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Whether you’re supporting someone who is stuck in self-harming behaviours or helping someone who wants to stop but doesn’t know how, what you’ll learn in this course will be invaluable.


In this practical, highly immersive workshop, you will learn all about the functions of self-harm, how to assess and establish what they are and how to safely explore the right alternatives with the people you work with. These skills dramatically enhance your ability to reach someone who is self-harming and help them make significant changes to their behaviour.


Self-harm is an incredibly difficult behaviour to tackle. The different functions of self-harm are vast, and the interventions are plentiful, but without being able to accurately assess what the functions are, we run the risk of proposing unsuitable interventions and alternatives, that only serves to weaken the connection between us as practitioners and the people we are trying to help. What if you understood some of those functions in more depth, and were able to propose alternatives that ensured those functions were met in healthier and less harmful ways? What impact could it have on the way you work and the people you work with? Well look no further!


This 1-day workshop will equip you with all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to support someone who is struggling with self-harming behaviours. The course contains impactful facilitation built around lived experience of self-harm and subsequent years of experience tackling self-harming behaviours. It also contains interactive skills practice exercises and practical resources to use again and again, as well as a comprehensive reference guide that summarises all key learning points.


Expertly designed and tutored by IntraQuest’s award-winning lead Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Person-Centred Counsellor Karen Keates, lead Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor Jennifer Westwood, and our team of ‘best-in-class’ therapists, coaches and facilitators, you’ll find this programme impactful and engaging, with long-lasting, tangible effects on your practice.

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