Our First Book!

“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN


Talk about a productive summer! August tends to be quiet for us at IntraQuest Towers as most of our clients up their leave thresholds to allow as many people time off with their families as possible. We carry on, though, and over the last few weeks have completed the first draft of our manuscript for Family Mechanics!
Book Small
The book is a resource pack designed for use in helping individuals understand themselves better. It’s packed full of easy-to-understand theory and useful worksheets, exercises and activities to help people know themselves better – and ultimately take better care of themselves and their families. It can be used by individuals or by practitioners, such as key workers, social workers and intervention workers, to support their participants through it.
It’s with our designer at the moment and we’re on the look out for publishers so if anyone has any advice on moving forward please do let us know. It’s exciting times, and we’ll keep you posted on it’s availability. If you would like to know more about it, or think it could be a useful resource for you, get in touch with us here. But for now, we introduce to you IntraQuest’s first book – hopefully more to come!