Meet Julie: Senior Integrative Therapist

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Meet Julie: Senior Integrative Therapist at IntraQuest

We had a session earlier in the year where encouraged our team to share a little about themselves, and Julie took this a step further and created a blog for us which we are delighted to share…

My name is Julie, I am a Senior Integrative Therapist here at IntraQuest.

People who know me will know my love 

for fresh air and exercise, something that is a huge part of my life. Looking after myself is very important to me, if something has hurt or upset my ‘self’ then I feel I need to do the opposite and be kind to my ‘self’.

I do this is various ways and it has helped ‘me’ to understand ‘me’ – don’t get me wrong, this has taken some time and practice over the years. 

My love for water during my childhood years spent with a swimming club, training at 5.30am before school each day has led me to go back to my happy hobby as I have gotten older. I spend a lot of my spare time paddleboarding or surfing, often with my therapy dog Billy. Wild water swimming is something I really enjoy, finding some nice reservoirs and taking a dip is just lovely and it has its therapeutic benefits. I won’t go on about it too much but if anyone has done research into the benefits of this, they will know it can increase metabolism, reduce stress, enhance mood, help with sleep and boost your immune system. There are many more benefits, but research needs to be done prior to jumping into this if anyone fancies a dip in the cold! You can find great information about this on the Wim Hoff site.

Having a large family life of 5 children has been my biggest achievement, watching them all growing into their own unique selves is wonderful – and sometimes stressful!

As I said earlier, me finding me has taken some time but it has been insightful to find my strengths through all this. How did I do this? By exploring things that I have been good at over the years, remembering what colleagues/friends/family have told me and combining this with what I enjoy the most – yes, this led me to being a therapist and I feel confident that I have found my strengths in life, at last.

My passion as a therapist is to help clients to find themselves through exploring what makes them them and finding their strengths in life. Sometimes there is a need to explore the past and when we do this there can be improvements in the present – some people do believe that bringing up past hurt/events can’t be good as you can’t change those difficult memories, so how does this happen? When we talk about the negative emotional reactions, we can reduce the intensity of them. Our difficult memories are attached to the difficult experience but as we explore and update our memory, we create a neurological change in our brain. Clever hey! And yes, this therapeutic journey we go on can be really difficult and sad at times but having faith and trust in a therapist can create safety.

As a Senior Integrative Therapist, I use 3 different modalities within my approach, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), TA (Transactional Analysis) and Person Centred Approach.

The therapy can be devised to best suit the client needs and is very much bespoke, I am passionate about working in a collaborative way in order for clients to have a greater understanding of self and for them to overcome their distresses in life which may be holding them back.

I work with both children and adults and have some specialisms of Domestic Abuse, working with perpetrators as well as victims, facilitating teenage parenting programmes, Therapeutic Life Story Work and Clinical Supervision. I have experience and knowledge of working with neurodiversity in both children and adults which is a keen interest of mine. I am also trained and qualified to deliver the Freedom Programme both for men and women.

My background is working within the social care field for a Local Authority, and I have been part of the IntraQuest family since 2019, it is such a lovely place to work and everybody who crosses the IntraQuest path feels a sense of warmth and acceptance.

If you’d like to find about more about how you can work with Julie or any of our team, you can visit our website


Julie Embrey-Jones
Senior Integrative Therapist