Happy Anniversary, Tracy!

“Intraquest was inspired by personal challenge, renewed hope and transformation. With this we wholeheartedly believe there are no ‘hopeless people’, just people lacking hope!” JEN & KAREN


This week’s Blog Post comes courtesy of our very own Training & Business Coordinator, Tracy Jane Monday, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with IntraQuest today!
“I can’t believe that it was a year ago today that I started working with IntraQuest. It’s been really interesting to join such a young company but at a time of such massive growth. I’ve gone from answering phones and doing the brews to writing financial controls, managing the accounts for both companies (and the Director’s wayward spending!) and researching critical data for business plans – talk about diverse! Along-side all this, I’ve also completed my Level 2 and Level 3 in Counselling Skills, both of which IntraQuest have funded as part of my continuous professional development – and I’m about to start my Level 4! The support they have given me throughout my studies has been amazing, and I can’t wait to be able to add ‘Counsellor’ to my big long list of responsibilities.
It’s such a great atmosphere as well. We talk about all kinds – complex cases, different learning theories, projects, funding bids, life, love, the universe…it helps massively to be in such a thriving, interesting environment. Everyone gets on great and we all help each other out. Everyone’s really passionate about what they do and it’s so good to be part of such a great team. And in all that, we still have time for a giggle – including us all having our own theme song! Mine’s “Tracy” by The Cufflinks, in case you were wondering.
I feel truly blessed to be working for such a fabulous company! #lovemyjob”
Ah, that’s brilliant Tracy – we love having you around to! Tracy absolutely adds value to the team, bringing a different (much needed) set of strengths from the Directors to the table. Neil can often be heard saying how she is his ‘right hand’, and it’s so true.
So happy anniversary, TJ – thanks for everything you do for us, and here’s to many more!