Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychology

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychologists offer specialised psychological assessments and therapies to individuals, couples, families, groups, professionals, and organisations. They are trained in a wide range of psychological therapies and interventions and are also able to offer consultation and advice to a wide range of people. This means that they can provide a tailored approach to each individual based on need. Clinical Psychologists are trained to Doctoral level and are regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

Who is Clinical Psychology for?

Children & Young People:

It’s important to note that one type of therapy does not suit all…each of us have our own unique personalities, life history, and goals, so it’s important to us that we offer a wide variety of therapies especially for our children and young people.  Our Clinical Psychologists have a good knowledge base on what may suit your child or young person, so at the end of your initial consultation, it may be decided that they are referred to a different therapist with different specialisms, or that they continue having therapy with our psychologist. Clinical psychologists tend to see children who will benefit from their level of skills in assessment and diagnosis, this is often the case when a more bespoke style of therapy is needed or when the child has complex additional needs. 


Families are also offered the opportunity to see one of our highly qualified clinical psychologists. This initial consultation is suitable for children and their parents/carers when there are worries about a child’s emotional, behavioural, or psychological welfare.

Parents/carers who are worried about their child’s social development may also wish to attend one of these consultations. The aim is to enable parents/carers to voice their concerns and together with the clinical psychologist, develop a plan going forward for their child. 

For some children, parents/carers and the psychologist may feel that no further action is needed but for others, parents may consider therapy for their child. In such circumstances, the psychologist will offer advice about the best course of action. In most cases, the child and young person will also be involved in the session and wherever possible they will be involved in the decisions that are being made for them.


We are also able to work with adults who present with a wide range of emotional and behavioural struggles.  Following the initial consultation, we can agree on a plan going to help individuals overcome any barriers that are affecting their lives.


Consultation clinics with our highly qualified Clinical psychologist are also available to discuss the needs of children and families where there are emotional, behavioural, or psychological complex needs.

This opportunity offers professionals a chance to discuss complex cases in a group forum lead by our clinical psychologist.  Professionals will have the opportunity to reflect on the challenges facing a child or young person and together explore ways to support them more fully. At the end of the session, an agreed action plan is created and those in attendance will be provided with a detailed report of what was discussed at the meeting and the groups’ suggestions about what the next steps might be. This clinic is available to all professionals including, social services, health, education and any other professional that the led agency feels should be involved.

Clinical Psychology Services Available

  • Comprehensive Assessment (Ideal for children or adults with complex needs such as developmental trauma, neurodiversity or learning difficulties)
  • Individual Consultations (A chance to explore individual concerns & plan a way forward)
  • Family Consultations (A chance to discuss your concerns as a family & create a plan forward)
  • Letters or report writing (Provided as an extra service following an initial consultation)
  • Neurodiversity Assessments (A chance to explore a diagnosis of Autism or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD, and possible support options)
  • Learning Assessments (A chance to explore any learning needs and possible support options)
  • Individual or Family therapy
  • Professional Consultation clinics (An opportunity for multiple professionals to discuss & plan support options for children & their family).
  • For more information on our clinical psychology services and costs, download our brochure here.  




What is the process to working with us?

Step 1: Complete the online referral form here.

Step 2: Await contact from an IntraQuest Therapist to discuss the referral.

Step 3: Quotation & Assessment. If applicable a quotation for therapy will be provided and once approved the assessment process will begin.

Step 4: Therapy. Once the assessment is completed and Clinical Psychotherapy is deemed an appropriate approach for you, your family or your organisation, therapy begins.

Step 5: Closure. Once you and the Clinical Psychologist feel it’s time to complete your therapy, the discharge process begins.

Limits to Confidentiality

IntraQuest promote working in collaboration with the system around the child or young person.  We therefore encourage sharing pertinent information with relevant professionals to support your child or young person’s healing journey as effectively as possible.

Therapists follow local safeguarding and child protection legislation and work in accordance with the ethical guidance provided by their professional body (for example, BACP or BAPT). This means that information will be shared with other professionals if someone is being harmed or at risk of being harmed.