Therapeutic Assessment

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Therapeutic Assessment

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What is Therapeutic Assessment?

“What kind of therapy (if any) is right for my child?” This is the question that a therapeutic assessment tries to answer. There are many types of therapy available. Here at IntraQuest we offer a selection. All of them have their advantages yet some are better suited to specific issues than others. It’s important to find the one that works best for your child and family.  As each family and circumstance is different, we create a bespoke assessment to ensure that all the referral struggles are given the appropriate analysis time. This may include the following areas: 

  • Time with Parents/Carers/Family members 
  • Time with the Education Setting
  • Time with other agencies e.g., social care, CAMHs, charities involved
  • Time reading/analysing medical or educational reports
  • Time administering and analysing psychometric tests if appropriate
  • Time analysing family play video footage
  • Time creating report
The assessment may involve several professionals, dependent upon what specialisms may be required.

Who is it for?

You may have noticed that your child is experiencing some emotional difficulties. You may feel they need time to process difficult or traumatic life events. Therapy is great at providing this type of support but it’s important that it’s the right approach for your child. IntraQuest provides therapeutic assessment for children between the ages of three and eighteen years of age. A therapeutic assessment will help to find out some important things:  

  • What impact the difficult life events have had 
  • In what areas does your child most need help.
  • What types of therapy are best suited. 
  • How much therapy might be needed
  • How likely it is that your child will engage with and benefit from therapy.

What is the process?

Typically, a therapeutic assessment will take the form of an information gathering phase followed by 2-6 face to face therapy sessions with the child. The therapist will then be able to share the outcomes in a discussion, presentation or report. The therapist will initially meet with your family and any relevant professionals such as social workers or school staff. They will gather enough information to get a really good picture of your child’s emotional inner world. Your child will then be invited to attend a few therapy sessions. Once complete, your therapist will be able to share the insights gained and will spend some time discussing the assessment with you. A formal report will be provided where necessary.  

How much does it cost?

As a not-for-profit organisation we can periodically apply for grants to help support our children and families with their therapeutic journey. Do chat with us about this when you make contact. See our services brochure for more information on pricing.


We work in line with the BAPT, PTUK and BACP code of ethics and in line with current child protection legislation, therefore we will never keep information to ourselves where we believe an individual we are working with is at risk. Where young people are working with other agencies, we will always encourage appropriate information sharing, in order that therapy compliments any other care plans in place. Consent for this must be given by the client before contact is made. 

As with all therapies our therapists will have regular supervision whereby their interaction with clients will be discussed. This will enhance their understanding of their client’s needs. All paper based documentation regarding your child will be kept safe in a locked cabinet, and all digital information held within our secure case management system.