Well, we’ve done the hat-trick! Out of the three awards we entered, we have achieved finalist status in all! We’re thrilled to announce that IntraQuest Training are finalists in ANOTHER national award! We’re up for Start-Up Learning Provider of the Year at The Learning & Performance Institute Awards 2017. As always, a big thank-you to all of our clients and delegates for making this possible. The awards take place in February next year, so we have a bit of a wait, but we’ll keep you posted! #learningawards

We’re thrilled to announce that our all-new suite of free resources is now available – right here on our website! Whether you’ve attended training with us or not, you’ll find full instructions of how to use these resources to explore behaviour, self-awareness and problem solving with clients and customers. You can even try them on yourself. All downloads are free!
If you like what you see, head on over to our training page. Our courses use these resources and more to help improve practise – you can let us know if you’re interested in attending at our ‘contact us‘ page.
For now, we hope you find these resources useful – please feel free to share the link to them with all your colleagues!

Hot on the heels of our Training Journal Awards nod, we’re thrilled to announce that IntraQuest are nominated for the ‘Bolton School Young Business of the Year’ award at the prestigious M.E.N. Business of the Year 2016 Awards! This award is for the work that both IntraQuest Training and IntraQuest Community do, so the whole team are recognised by this, and it means to much to get this recognition on our home turf. We’re so passionate about all of the great people we get to work with, however being a Manchester-based business, this one is particularly special. Just to be nominated in our first year at the awards makes us so proud, and we thank all of our clients, commissioners, delegates and customers for helping us get this far.
The awards take place in Manchester on the 10th November, and the whole team will be turning out in style. Please keep everything crossed for us – stay tuned on the night to find out how we get on!

This week’s Blog Post comes courtesy of our very own Training & Business Coordinator, Tracy Jane Monday, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with IntraQuest today!
“I can’t believe that it was a year ago today that I started working with IntraQuest. It’s been really interesting to join such a young company but at a time of such massive growth. I’ve gone from answering phones and doing the brews to writing financial controls, managing the accounts for both companies (and the Director’s wayward spending!) and researching critical data for business plans – talk about diverse! Along-side all this, I’ve also completed my Level 2 and Level 3 in Counselling Skills, both of which IntraQuest have funded as part of my continuous professional development – and I’m about to start my Level 4! The support they have given me throughout my studies has been amazing, and I can’t wait to be able to add ‘Counsellor’ to my big long list of responsibilities.
It’s such a great atmosphere as well. We talk about all kinds – complex cases, different learning theories, projects, funding bids, life, love, the universe…it helps massively to be in such a thriving, interesting environment. Everyone gets on great and we all help each other out. Everyone’s really passionate about what they do and it’s so good to be part of such a great team. And in all that, we still have time for a giggle – including us all having our own theme song! Mine’s “Tracy” by The Cufflinks, in case you were wondering.
I feel truly blessed to be working for such a fabulous company! #lovemyjob”
Ah, that’s brilliant Tracy – we love having you around to! Tracy absolutely adds value to the team, bringing a different (much needed) set of strengths from the Directors to the table. Neil can often be heard saying how she is his ‘right hand’, and it’s so true.
So happy anniversary, TJ – thanks for everything you do for us, and here’s to many more!

Talk about a productive summer! August tends to be quiet for us at IntraQuest Towers as most of our clients up their leave thresholds to allow as many people time off with their families as possible. We carry on, though, and over the last few weeks have completed the first draft of our manuscript for Family Mechanics!
Book Small
The book is a resource pack designed for use in helping individuals understand themselves better. It’s packed full of easy-to-understand theory and useful worksheets, exercises and activities to help people know themselves better – and ultimately take better care of themselves and their families. It can be used by individuals or by practitioners, such as key workers, social workers and intervention workers, to support their participants through it.
It’s with our designer at the moment and we’re on the look out for publishers so if anyone has any advice on moving forward please do let us know. It’s exciting times, and we’ll keep you posted on it’s availability. If you would like to know more about it, or think it could be a useful resource for you, get in touch with us here. But for now, we introduce to you IntraQuest’s first book – hopefully more to come!

It’s been a busy week here at IntraQuest towers – we’ve finally managed to get some time together as a team which has been great. We also managed to get our Christmas Do in (albeit 8 months late!) – here is the whole, fabulous team enjoying a well-deserved cocktail at Cloud 23 in Manchester.
File 19-08-2016, 13 50 12
L-R – Tracy, Neil, Karen, Kathy, Jen, Mary, Kathryn, Catherine
We do work hard, and probably don’t play hard as often as we should, especially given how tough our work can be sometimes. But we’re a fab team, and it’s been brilliant to spend a bit of time reflecting and celebrating success this week. The summer holidays are nearly over, and we have a busy fourth quarter coming up! Thanks again, team, for all your amazing work. You make IntraQuest what it is!

Absolutely thrilled to announce that IntraQuest Training in partnership with Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council have been nominated in the ‘Best Public Sector Training Programme’ category at this year’s Training Journal Awards for our ‘Tackling Engagement’ training programme! This a nationally recognised award, and one of the most prestigious awards for achievements in Learning & Development in the UK.
“The quality of this year’s nominations has been higher than ever. Our teams of judges had a real challenge picking out the top entries, so this is an achievement nominees can already be proud of,” said Debbie Carter, Editor of the Training Journal.
Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in London on the 6th December, so keep everything crossed for us!!!

Our friends in Trafford Council have only gone and won an NHS award for Integrated Working in the North West! IntraQuest are proud to have played a vital role in the results that Trafford achieved as part of their ‘i-Care’ programme last year. You will see from the video above that IntraQuest delivered one of the three key elements of the programme – ‘Tackling Engagement Training’ for the Stronger Families teams and their partner agencies! We’re thrilled that the project went so well, and even more so that it garnered Trafford an award for their amazing work.
Thanks, Trafford – glad we could be a part of it!
Project Team Receive Award

 L – R – Sally Cheshire, Chair, Health Education England, Sarah Maynard, Transformation Programme Manager, Trafford Council, Kirsty Roberts, Assistant Workforce Strategy Officer (HR), Trafford Council, Rebecca Gamble, Senior Business Change Manager, Trafford Council, Jack Howard, Business Change Analyst, Trafford Council

Which IntraQuest Training products have you experienced?
As part of my previous role as Operational Change Manager, Public Service Reform, I worked closely with IntraQuest to develop training for our new Troubled Families teams, specifically modules to address Engagement, Assessment and Action planning with Troubled Families.
Over time these modules have been refined and now form the core training for our new Early Help Service workers.
What difference has IntraQuest Training made to the performance and capability of your workforce?
IntraQuest’s approach to training has been very much based in the experience of, and the challenges faced by front line staff. Their practical knowledge of front line delivery, coupled with a comprehensive clinical understanding of the issues faced by both service users and workers shines through their practice and has given clear credibility to their training as evidenced by both the popularity of the courses and the self-reported change of behaviour of participants with service users.
What difference has this performance and capability improvement had on your organisation?
A key issue around public service reform is the disproportionate demand on services by traditionally hard to reach or the disengaged. In a project with GMP OLDHAM IntraQuest Engagement training has been given to PCSOs and Police Officers to help them better engage with problematic callers, who repeatedly call out the police and other emergency services to deal with a life crisis which does not involve crime. By changing the approach of professionals via the Engagement training we have been able to positively impact on the lives of people in crisis who would not normally present at mainstream services. This has helped to both reduce demand and start to change the culture of professionals.
As a result of this positive impact on service provision IntraQuest’s Engagement module has been made available to a wide range of services such as schools, GP surgeries, Housing workers, Youth workers etc.
What difference has this performance and capability improvement had on service users and the community?
As mentioned above, those service users who had relied on police callouts to manage crisis issues in their lives are now being engaged with differently. Workers are now able to engage in such a way as to be able to get to the underlying cause of the crisis and this is resulting in a significant reduction in demand on emergency services. The success of this engagement approach has driven the creation of an Early Help Offer in Oldham. The aim is to enable citizens of the borough to be able to help themselves, to be able to take back control of their lives and the lives of their families, to not become problem families but rather to become the productive, nurturing families who in turn will produce the next generations of families more able to look after themselves and less likely to need significant support from public services.
How has IntraQuest Training differed from other training you have experienced?
Traditionally training offered around problem families has tended to focus on specific problem issues, such as mental health, domestic violence, drug use etc. There are indeed many ‘off the shelf’ training products to address those single issue topics.
We were looking for a new way to work with families and it was clear that if we were expecting radical change in those families that we would need to radically change the workforce around them.
IntraQuest, is unique, in my experience, because they have combined an ability to look at the needs of both the service user from a very person centred approach whilst at the same time understanding the practical reality of being a professional in this field or work.
They recognise and cater for the very personal impact that ‘troubled family issues have on the families and the workers themselves. They provide viable solutions to achieve positive outcomes for families whilst at the same time strengthening the ability of workers to stay alongside those families in very difficult times.
In short, without this innovative approach we would not be able to build the early help service we aspire to, nor would the families we currently work with using this approach have experienced the positive outcomes becoming in control of their lives has brought.

So, here is our first ever blog and there is so much to update you on! Many of you may be aware that we have recently expanded from a team of two, to a team of seven…let me introduce you to everyone…
So, keep an eye on our blog for useful tips and thoughts on mental health, parenting, food and mood, up and coming courses, useful resources and so much more….thanks for joining us on this exciting journey…Not only do we have a brand new sparkly team, but we also have a brand new sparkly office! We will be running many of our training events from these lovely spaces too…
So, keep an eye on our blog for useful tips and thoughts on mental health, parenting, food and mood, up and coming courses, useful resources and so much more….thanks for joining us on this exciting journey…
The IntraQuest Team